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2023 millerknoll platinum level

CBI is proud to be a Platinum Level Certified Dealer for MillerKnoll.

CBI is proud to announce that we have been categorized as a Platinum Level Certified Dealer for MillerKnoll. To achieve the Platinum Level Certification, CBI participated in a rigorous evaluation process that rated company leadership and financial performance, sales, operations, marketing, design, and commitment to sustainability and community.

If you already partner with CBI, you know that we hold ourselves to the highest standard in the industry. Many of our programs fit easily into the performance metrics required to obtain a Platinum Level Certification from MillerKnoll. The Platinum Level Certification is the most superior recognition a MillerKnoll dealer can achieve, and CBI’s evaluation scores were some of the highest in the network.  

As a Platinum Level Certified MillerKnoll Dealer, we continue to offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Clients have a best-in-class partner through CBI for all their MillerKnoll products and needs

  • Clients take advantage of exceptional and consistent product distribution and
    operational excellence

  • Clients can expect strategically tailored individual service solutions based on their unique needs

  • CBI is equipped to assist clients with complex facility needs and
    multiple locations

  • CBI brings more choices, innovation, and insights to guide their clients

We are honored to be one of the only Platinum Level Certified Dealers in our region and remain committed to providing excellence when serving clients and partners. 

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