The Journey as a CBI Workplace Solutions One-Week Intern

June 18, 2024

At CBI Workplace Solutions, we believe in fostering young talent and uphold that belief by offering an opportunity to have hands-on experiences within the intricate world of furniture design, productions, and business operations. Our one-week internship program is designed to be an enriching and immersive experience, which enables our interns to acquire essential knowledge and skills for success in the design industry.

Take a look at the exciting and fast-paced highlights of our 2024 one-week internship program and hear directly from some of our interns.

Welcome to the Hive 

Two weeks ago, we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming a group of energetic individuals, eager and excited to learn, while also contributing and asking questions. The program opened with an introduction and orientation, along with a tour of the campus. 

The Fast-Paced Week 

Throughout the week, our interns got the chance to connect and network with professionals within the design industry. They toured offices of the projects in which CBI took part in, like LPL Financial, Harker, V3, Redline, Swinerton, DP World, Allspring, Gensler, and Krispy Kreme. They were also given the opportunity to be exposed to job sites like the Duke Tower site, the CLT Airport site, and many more. Additionally, they participated in showroom tours of Tarket, PSA/ Andreu World, Kaufman, and Scott Miller & Associates.

During the week there were leadership dinners, which gave the interns the opportunity to ask questions, connect with their mentors, and gain valuable insights into their roles within the industry. 

With all of the exposure and hands-on experience within the design industry and seeing how all of the different coalition partners work together to create a comfortable and more suitable work environment, they got a taste of the CBI community service experience as well. The interns helped Promising Pages with cleaning books for the children who aren’t fortunate enough to gain access to books. One intern, Hannah Richardson, said “I am so impressed with how CBI helps the community. During this internship, we got to volunteer with Promising Pages. Working with them was such a privilege and inspired us all so much.” 

The Intern Experience  

Here are some shared thoughts and experiences from a few of our one-week interns themselves to give better insight into their journey with CBI. 

Annika Ling, intern, said “This internship opened my eyes to the world of possibilities in the design industry, it gave me a much better understanding of the inner workings of the industry and showed me the importance of connections with others.”

Hannah Richardson, intern, emphasized “This internship showed me how important it is to build relationships with people and ask questions. It helped me personally connect with many other interns and industry professionals, which has been amazing!”

Leah Schuminsky, intern, said “Everyone in the industry is intertwined in some way and CBI cares so much about their partners in almost a family-like manner. They are always giving back to their partners and community, making sure everyone is happy.” 

Sending Off Our One-Week Interns

Our one-week internship program at CBI is a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. Their willingness to connect with industry professionals and contribute to the community embodies the true spirit of CBI and what we as a company value. 

As we reflect on this productive week, we are reminded of the incredible potential that lies within each of the interns. We are eager and look forward to following their growth and achievements in the design industry and beyond. To our interns: thank you for your enthusiasm and drive to learn more. You have truly made this week one to remember. 

We’d also like to extend our sincere gratitude to our industry partners for making this week a success and ensuring that our interns had a truly enriching experience. 

Stay tuned for more opportunities to join us at CBI, and let’s continue to design, achieve, and inspire together.

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Jordan Farrell