CBI & Beds For Kids

“Transforming Lives and Sharing Impactful Experiences through Serving the Community”

May 31, 2024


At CBI, we are committed and believe in the power of giving back to our community. This year, we had the incredible opportunity and privilege to partner with Beds for Kids, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to providing beds and essential furniture to children in need. Through this collaboration, we not only helped contribute the essentials in hopes to positively touch the lives of children, but also experienced the profound impact of serving our community firsthand. 


Join us as we share our journey, the wholesome stories we experienced, and the positive impact we achieved together. 


Beds for Kids’ Background & Mission


Beds for Kids became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2011. What once started as a small and limited group effort, turned into a full-scale community initiative. With an upgrade in space, it allowed the group to expand its reach, along with its impact continuously giving essential furniture to the families in need. By partnering with local businesses and collecting donations, Beds for Kids has evolved from a modest project and goal into a prosperous and vital resource that allows for underprivileged families to have comfort and stability with new stable homes and furnished essentials. 


CBI Associate Experiences & Take Aways 


Volunteering and partnering with Beds for Kids was an eye opening experience for every Associate and team member involved. The experience with Beds for Kids was more than just fulfilling – it was transformative as well for every employee that helped out. “Beds for Kids was a humbling experience for our group…The furniture will be temporary, but the connection with each other and God that we made will have a lifelong impact on myself and hopefully the recipient’s family,” said John Camp, CBI Associate. This  captures the true essence of CBI as a company and its commitment to the community and the personal growth that stems from helping others and giving back. 


CBI has a unique approach to corporate social responsibility, and focuses on the local engagement and the direct impact that they can contribute to. Renee Smith, CBI Associate emphasized, “This company has far exceeded making a difference than any other company I have ever worked with. Past companies that I worked for never had such a localized effort!” Another CBI Associate also adds, “Beds for Kids is just a small part of what CBI does for the community…I love having the dedicated hours that CBI gives to Associates, allotted to volunteer and help our community.” Showing CBI’s dedication to not only the community, but also to its Associates and allowing each Associate to be a part of the impact that is being executed everyday. 


The Importance of Teamwork Through Service


We as a company believe that serving the community is a collective effort and takes teamwork and connecting with one another to fully be immersed in the community and the service that we are involved in. As Jeff Boutwell, CBI Associate said, “Teamwork is the only way to achieve success in what we do for the community. Some can give money, some can give time, but we all can’t do both on our own.” Teamwork and partnership are the keys to success in these initiatives. 


Furthermore, CBI’s commitment extends beyond the designated times of service. “It is our duty to hold each other to high standards and making sure that everyone in our community feels loved and cared for,” shared by John Camp. This sense of responsibility for the community is supported by all members of CBI. For instance, Kayla Underwood, CBI Associate, emphasized, “It is important to continue to take part in community service opportunities as a company because, not only does it make our presence known, but it shows the community that we at CBI care about the impact we have.”

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